Fr. Evangelos Pepps

“After saving my soul and providing properly for my family, is create an accomplished, strong , North American Orthodox Missionary Program. My vision is to assist married clergymen and their families who heroically sacrifice in locations across the Americas with very few resources. As the Apostle wrote to the Corinthians, ‘For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.’ (II Corinthians 8:3)”

Fr. Evangelos Pepps

Fr. Angelo (Evangelos) Pepps is a cradled-Orthodox Christian Priest, who thanks to Fr. Lazarus Moore of thrice-blessed memory’s inspiration – and in particular, booklet now called Sacred Tradition in the Orthodox Church – considers himself a convert to Christ and His sacred Ark of salvation. He is thankful to his father Stavros (Steve) of blessed memory who — with his now 93 yr. old mother Mary paid his way thru 7 yrs. of seminary at Holy Cross and who – encouraged him when he was seriously thinking of becoming an AOG pastor, “first study our own religion and then decide.” After but a few days in Brookline the fall of 1975, Fr. Angelo found everything he had been looking for to follow Christ in the safest and most powerful way , the way of fathers.

Fr. Angelo is married to his wife Susan (Fotopulos) since 1986 and is the proud father of three very talented young adults: Marissa, Elia and Stavros (Stephen).

Orthodox Christian Speaker

Fr. Angelo S. Pepps is a seasoned speaker who has seen great growth in the communities he has served, including increases in membership, resources, and most importantly, in people coming to enjoy their full inheritance in Christ. Fr. Angelo grew up in San Antonio, Texas and spent seven years at Hellenic College/Holy Cross School of Theology where he was valedictorian in 1979, named to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities and was president of the Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement and the HC Missionary Committee. Fr. Angelo has had the honor of learning from Frs. Anthony Coniaris and Nicholas Triantafilou both of whom he served in their respective communities as Youth and Campus Minister, chief cantor, etc.

Speaking Topics

  • Enjoying the Liturgy and our Full Orthodox Inheritance in Christ.
  • Motivating Lapsed Orthodox to Re-discover and Return to the Faith of Their Fathers.
  • Attracting and Keeping College Students and YOUth.
  • Tripling Parish Stewardship Within a Few Short Years – In some cases, Viable!
  • Purification, Illumination and Charismata of the Holy Spirit – The Life-Giving Tradition of the Holy Spirit according to St. Simeon the New Theologian and Fr. John Romanides of blessed memory.
  • “How to (greatly) Grow Your Parish” workshop.
  • Synergistic and Enjoyable Parish Administration.
  • Treasures for America
  • Pre-Schism Saints of the West: Including the remarkable story of St. Brendan, 6th century Navigator to the Americas.
  • Transfiguring Your World Through Reaching, Reconciling and Restoring.
  • Fulfilling Our True Orthodox Calling by Being Balanced, Catholic, Apostolic and Evangelical.
  • On the End of This World and the Beginning of the Next

*Fr. Evangelos Pepps is available to speak to your church or organization. Contact the Orthodox Speakers Bureau.

Orthodox Christian Writer

Father Angelo’s articles have appeared in the Orthodox Observer, Solia, The Sword and Again Magazine and he has been heard on numerous television and radio stations. He is also the founder of Share The Faith Ministries.

Books in Progress

  • True Life in Christ
  • A Brief History of the Traditional Church Calendar
  • Why the Orthodox Church has Condemned Many Teachings of Free-Masonry: A Pastoral Approach
  • Quenching Your Spiritual Thirst: Stories of Those Who Found What They Were Looking For
  • The Prophetic Nature of the Church

Fr. Angelo’s Outreach Capabilities

Fluent in Greek, with a working knowledge of Spanish, Fr. Evangelos is a popular speaker, known for his unifying Sunday of Orthodoxy sermons in large metropolitan areas around the country. He has also enjoyed speaking on many college campuses including prominent universities throughout America. Living in Thessalonica Greece for one year, he was able to explore many other places including Mt. Athos, Patmos, Istanbul, Ochrid, England, Bulgaria, Egypt, Mt. Sinai and the Holy Lands. The Pepps currently live in Kalamazoo, MI where Fr. Angelo and his family are attached to Holy Ascension parish in Albion. With other believers, he initiated the Orthodox Christian Outreach to Greater Portage, MI (OCOGPM), which offers educational, worship, fellowship and service opportunities to those wanting to live and worship the way the first Christians did. Their demographics include 40K college students who live in the area.

Update: Father Angelo just returned from serving the faithful of Project Mexico’s boys home and missionary outreach in Baja California. This follows a fairly recent eleven days at Guatemala City’s Hogar Rafael (Orphanage). An upcoming regular program of Share The Faith soon to be posted at, is “OYA: Orthodox Youth on the Air”, brief heartfelt relevant messages to motivate young people and young adults to want to follow Christ and serve His holy Church.

Fr. Angelo Pepps Endorsements

“Very capable leader with proven record of inspiring growth in parishes he has served.” ~Fr. Theodore Kyritsis, Greek Orthodox Radio Hour.

“Knows how to motivate youth and young adults to want to follow Christ and thus, grow your community.” ~Louie Mossos, Chicago.

“Captivating speaker who can keep your audience wanting more.” ~Dr. Paul Maier, author, professor WMU, and noted speaker.

“Excellent speaker, teacher and motivator.” ~Fr. Nicholas Kossis, Bethlehem, PA, retired Greek Orthodox priest.

“Fr. Angelo was used by God to turn our church around so we could have a real future.” ~Vicki Klaras, Senior Lecturer, Baylor U, Waco, TX.

“…will refresh your audience with some of the most interesting stories of our Faith. Fr. Angelo knows the Scriptures and Tradition, our history, chanting, and the original Greek very well. As was our parish who brought him to give a retreat on “Examining life Through the Liturgy.” I think you will be very pleased with this man who motivates people to Christ and His Church.” ~Fr. Michael Shanbour, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.

“…reaches the hearts of adults and kids alike to want to follow Christ and live the Gospel.” ~Geoffrey Bray Executive Director, Project Mexico.