Share The Faith’s Support A Missionary Priest Application to Help Transfigure America 

Dear Father, glory to Our Jesus Christ!

Though we look forward to being able to offer more, what would $600 -$12,000 divided into 12 monthly grants help you accomplish in the healing and salvation of souls, starting with your own family’s? While we are working to be able to offer larger grants in the future for domestic missionary work here in America, by God’s grace, we have some level of assistance to offer now. Your proving what fruits these grants can produce will help us be able to offer substantially more to you and your colleagues in the future.

Please Note: All requests from canonical clergy in our United States will be considered. Applications from capable (& trained) deacons and un-ordained missionaries may be considered Fall 2022.

“I agree to provide STF with a recent photo of myself [optional: as well as my family] with appropriate (subject to my approval) wording for featuring on STF’s ‘Ministries You may wish to designate a Gift to’ online page. "
“I support Fr. _________’s request and would be appreciative of your assistance to bless him and his family, thus enhancing his ministry(ies).”

Thank You & Your family for Your martyria/witness. We want to help all worthy, in need, missionary priests in America. At this time, depending on above answers, You’ve a 20-95% chance of being selected for some level of assistance.

IF application not responded to within 2 weeks or for any clarification, contact our Director Fr. Evangelos Pepps @ 269/492-4344,

Please Note: To insure that our grant keeps coming on a set day of each month, a substantiation of spiritual, numerical & at least, some monetary-stewardship growth taking place in your ministry will suffice. Such is based on the Board of Directors’ knowing that you are simply doing your best to with God’s help, accomplish Your above stated goals. We want to see your ministry soar for God’s glory and to help transfigure your part of America!


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