Effectively Witnessing for the Orthodox Christian Faith to Baptists / Evangelicals

Fr. Mark Hodges is an Orthodox mission priest and former Baptist. In this interview with Share the Faith, Fr. Mark equips Orthodox Christians to understand and answer the claims of Baptists and Evangelicals about the Bible, the Christian Faith, believing only “what is in the Bible”, veneration of Mary, and more.

Share the Faith Chairman on Ancient Faith Everyday Orthodox Program

Share the Faith Chairman Lee Kopulos was featured on Ancient Faith Radio and you can listen now!

Interview with Fr. Cassian Dunlop of Eustis FL

Fr. Cassian was an Anglican priest before converting to Holy Orthodoxy. He serves a Western Rite Antiochian parish in Eustis Fl (near Orlando). His parish has been growing in high school students, college students, and young families after years of dependency on “snowbirds”.

Effective Ideas about Greeting Visitors to Orthodox Parishes

Successfully greeting and providing hospitality to guests in our parishes are essential activities for growing the Kingdom of Christ. This article provides recommendations for preparing for guests and how to engage them when they arrive. The author, Lee Kopulos, is the Chairman of Share the Faith and is now advising over 20 GOA churches of the Detroit Metropolis’ as a member of their Evangelism and Outreach Committee.

Interview with Fr. Mark Hodges in Bullhead AZ

Blessing kilts? Blessing motorcycles? Fr. Mark Hodges shares insights into mission work among American evangelicals. Fr. Mark, originally a Baptist before finding the true Church, is blessed with an opportunity in Bullhead City AZ. The only Orthodox presence for a two-hour radius in fast-growing Northern Arizona, the mission has survived for over 5 years on reader services and visits from clergy. Fr. Mark is their first fulltime priest, and he is thankful for the opportunity, the loving parishioners, and the support Share the Faith.