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February 25, 2015

Fr Angelo, Glory to Jesus Christ!

Fr. John Peck

Fr. John Peck

I’m writing to thank you for your kind gift just received and deeply appreciated.

As you know, though I am a priest in good standing I remain without assignment for the past few years.  It takes a lot of hard work to get by when you cannot ply your trade so to speak, and must find a secondary career late in midlife. I continue my online ministry work at Preachers Institute, Journey to Orthodoxy and Good Guys Wear Black, but it is all taking its toll on me and on my family.

Thanks to Share the Faith, and your kind donation, I will be able to continue laboring for Christ albeit online, a little longer.

In Christ, and with great gratitude,

Fr. John A. Peck

Share the Faith

February 20, 2015

Querido P. Angelo y Junta de Share the Faith,

Su donación nos ha ayudado en el ministerio que, de otra manera, no habríamos podido ofrecer a la comunidad hispana. Mil gracias.

Abandonado sin asignación pero, como usted sabe, sacerdote completamente canónico con una familia a la que mantener, en el Suroeste.


Share the Faith

Dear Fr. Angelo and Share the Faith Board,

Your gift has assisted us in ministry we could otherwise, not have offered to Hispanics. A thousand thanks. Abandoned without assignment but as you are aware, fully canonical priest with a family to support in the Southwest.


PS: We are also at least, beginning a Bereavement program by your help.

Share the Faith

February 11, 2015

Dear STFaith Board,

Your kind assistance paid a pressing electric bill for a young lady who has been out of work for a considerable period of time.  I want to congratulate you on your work and sincerely hope that you will be able to raise considerable funds to aid those in desperate need. I am sure that most of our people are unaware of the financial difficulties faced in particular, by many clergy families.

V. Rev. Kyril Riggs
Rector, St. John’s Orthodox Church (OCA), Spring Valley, NY

Share the Faith

February 9, 2015

Dear Share The Faith Board members,

We’ve great love and support for your prayerful, all jurisdictional Orthodox Christian outreach of seeking and serving the isolated, worthy and needful communities.

Our community is one such outlying ministry.  We have a tent-maker priest, quietly encouraging a new community without detracting, drawing from, or competing with established communities.   Without the traditional festivals… the very important spiritual need of community benevolence needs help.

The gifts from Share the Faith go towards an after school child homework room La Casita in Anapera, a poor, drug plagued, community whose mothers co-op a rental house as a hangout, safe sanctuary for play, snacks, support and tutoring help with fresh fruit snacks…  Awesome!

Thank you,

Fr. Benjamin Henderson
(OCA), El Paso, TX 

Share the Faith

Parish: Saint George (OCA) in Pharr, TX

Bringing another soul to Christ

Ready to feed the needy and poor with your help.

Parish: Saint Nicholas (ROCOR) in Endicott, NY

Fr. Stephanos hearing a confession

Fr.Stephanos sharing the Gospel

  • Priest: Fr. Stephanos Shagoury
  • Goals: To greatly increase the size of our present community
  • Assignment: parish of eleven members while raising his children as a single parent
  • Total Compensation: Parish house + $400 per month
  • Full Story: Click here to download the letter of appeal

Parish: Saint George (ROCOR) in Michigan City, IN.

St. Raphael consecrating the Church 100 years ago

Fr. Evangelos sharing the Gospel

  • Priest: Fr. Evangelos Pepps
  • Goals: By March 25, 2012, to triple the membership and double the income
  • Assignment: 7 1/2 hours per week, plus 172 miles per week
  • Total Compensation: $125 per week
  • Full Story: Click here to download the letter of appeal

Share the Faith is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Active since 2014, Share the Faith is under the direction of Fr. Evangelos Pepps of the OCA Diocese of the Midwest. Share the Faith has been endorsed by multiple Orthodox bishops to pursue its mission of support for needy priests and their families.