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Of death and dying

By Dr. George Kalousek Orthodox literature is filled with references to death and dying. The Holy Fathers again and again stress the importance of the constant remembrance of death. The image of death appears frequently in the prayer of the Church. In the evening prayer of St. John Damascene, we are enjoined to look at […]

The Sanctity of Life

Thank you to Fr. Mark for fwd. this reg.the Ecum. Patriarch who does many good things in a difficult environment as is certainly the case with Senator Sarbanes with whom i shared a photo op in May, ’79 published in both the OO as well as the Hellenic Chronicle. W/out judging anyone, Mr. Estocin does […]

Seeing Lives Transfigured

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a worthy person in need of your help? There are many such worthy persons—precious people shaped in God’s image—in Baja California, Mexico who need your help today. They will also help you, as they help remind you of your purpose on the earth. Twenty five boys make […]