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Thank you to Fr. Mark for fwd. this reg.the Ecum. Patriarch who does many good things in a difficult environment as is certainly the case with Senator Sarbanes with whom i shared a photo op in May, ’79 published in both the OO as well as the Hellenic Chronicle. W/out judging anyone, Mr. Estocin does however, make points that any intellectually honest person must consider.

In this very regard, I’ll never forget Abishop Job of blessed memory’s sharing over lunch a couple yrs. ago at a Spanish restaurant near his Chicago office how sadly, one GOA priest who’d mentioned to his prisoners on a Sunday morning that Orthodox Christians should vote for candidates supporting life was called into Metropolitan x of y’s office where he was asked:”Father, do you like your salary? Why yes, Your Eminence. Do you like the parish home? Yes of course, Your Eminence. Well you had better watch how you speak to your people if you want to keep these things.”

To this Vladyka continued, “you could ask any of my priests if they had liked their compensation? And they would tell you, not really, And how about your rectory? It gets by but not anything to write home about. Yet dear Father, [this man of substance said] not only do i allow my priests to say freely whatever it is they need to say… I expect them to.”

Thank God dear brothes and sisters, for hierarchs like this, breaths of fresh air who place people’s souls and the Gospel before things of this world.

On a very positive note and for those who may not be aware, the GOMetrop. of Chicago has a great Pro-life committee led by Fr. Nick Jonas who again, represented the Archdiocese at the Washington march this past January that only goes to prove: example from one does move hearts.

Respectfully, fr.Angelo

Rev. Evangelos S. Pepps
Share The Faith Ministries
PO Box 8, Portage, MI 49081


From: “Father Mark Hodges, Lima OH”

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