His Eminence Paul, Archbishop of Chicago and the Midwest (OCA)

His Eminence Paul, Archbishop of Chicago of the OCA has fully endorsed the work and vision of Share the Faith. In this letter, His Eminence provides a deeper understanding of STF’s mission and goals, and encourages all Orthodox Christians to be generous in their donations. We sincerely thank His Eminence for his passion and support in pursuing missions.
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Endorsement of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel – Romanian Episcopate OCA

We are aware of the dedication of the Board to make this project successful and laud the tenacity which has brought the Ministry to this point in time. Over the decades of my service as bishop, one of the most challenging problems I have had to face and which I still have not resolved is the procuring of appropriate clergy remunerations.
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Bishop Longin of the Serbian Diocese of New Gracanica-Midwestern America

It is an important undertaking to assist the ordinary parish in America and I commend your Christ­ centered goals, sound ideals and Orthodox compassion, especially, with your seeking to build an endowment for Orthodox missions to our N. American continent.
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Effectively Witnessing for the Orthodox Christian Faith to Baptists / Evangelicals

Fr. Mark Hodges is an Orthodox mission priest and former Baptist. In this interview with Share the Faith, Fr. Mark equips Orthodox Christians to understand and answer the claims of Baptists and Evangelicals about the Bible, the Christian Faith, believing only “what is in the Bible”, veneration of Mary, and more.

Share the Faith Chairman on Ancient Faith Everyday Orthodox Program

Share the Faith Chairman Lee Kopulos was featured on Ancient Faith Radio and you can listen now!