Interview with Fr. Mark Hodges in Bullhead AZ

Blessing kilts? Blessing motorcycles? Fr. Mark Hodges shares insights into mission work among American evangelicals. Fr. Mark, originally a Baptist before finding the true Church, is blessed with an opportunity in Bullhead City AZ. The only Orthodox presence for a two-hour radius in fast-growing Northern Arizona, the mission has survived for over 5 years on reader services and visits from clergy. Fr. Mark is their first fulltime priest, and he is thankful for the opportunity, the loving parishioners, and the support Share the Faith.

The Important Factors in Mission Founding

Lee Kopulos is chairman of Share the Faith and has helped successfully plant multiple, successful Orthodox missions over the past 38 years. In this post, Lee shares his insights into successfully starting and growing Orthodox Mission parishes.

Fr. Cassian Dunlop of St Andrew the Apostle Antiochian Orthodox Church in Eustis, FL

St. Andrew the Apostle is a Western Rite parish in a small town near Orlando in the fast-growing, important Central Florida area. St. Andrew’s has its own church facility, a dedicated core of families, and a talented rector in Fr. Cassian Dunlop. This parish has recently been attracting many families with younger children, high schoolers looking into Orthodoxy on their own, and college students.

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Fr. Mark Hodges from St. Brendan the Voyager in Bullhead City AZ

St. Brendan’s in Bullhead Arizona is a dynamic mission community. Sustained for years off mostly reader services, the mission has its own store front church complete with a handmade iconostasis carved by the parishioners themselves. The community is extremely excited to have Fr. Mark Hodges as a full-time priest living nearby. With regular services, we expect great things from this mission for the Glory of God.

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Share the Faith Mission Report with Fr Adam from Virginia

Fr. Adam Sexton is a parish priest in Ashland, VA and is working hard founding a mission in nearby Culpeper. In this video interview with STF, Fr. Adam gives us a surprising report straight from the mission field.
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