What do we mean by the word Orthodox?

By St John Maximovich Shortly after the doctrine of Christ began to be propagated among the Gentiles, the followers of Christ in Antioch began to be called Christians (Acts ΧΙ:26). Ίhe word “Christian” indicated that those who bore this name belonged to Christ in the sense of devotion to Christ and his Doctrine. From Antioch […]


+ Ο ΛΕΟΝΤΟΚΑΡΔΟΣ ΚΟΙΜΑΤΑΙ… Ο θάνατος τού μαχητικού Επισκόπου κυρού Αυγουστίνου Καντιώτη ασφαλώς καί δεν μπορεί να περάσει απαρατήρητος, ώς ένας “τών συνηθισμένων ανθρώπων καί μάλιστα Επισκόπων….” Η διαδρομή του μέσα σ΄ αυτή την ζωή υπήρξε εκκλησιαστικά θυελώδης, σκορπίζοντας ανάμικτα αισθήματα ενθουσιασμού, προσδοκίας καί ελπίδας, αλλά καί μίσους καί εμπάθειας εναντίον του. Οί “λογικοί ” […]

Preparing for Eternity

Masonry or Christ?

(Including the position of Orthodox Christianity regarding Freemasonry) By The Reverend Father Vladimir S. Borichevsky And The Reverend Father Stephan N. Jula 3rd Edition INTRODUCTION The Masonic Fraternity had its origins in the Middle Ages, about the year 800 A.D. It began with the builders of the Middle Ages and was called “Operative Masonry”. The […]

Four Spiritual Principles

Four principles Orthodox America’s members seek to live by: 1) Daily Getting to know God by Prayer and Bible reading at least, the Epistle and Gospel of the day (see parish wall calendar or can be found at http://www.oca.org/Reading.asp?SID=25) and ideally, the Lives of the Saints (available among other places at http://www.oca.org/FSlives.asp?SID=4); 2) Getting to […]