Interview with Fr. Mark Hodges in Bullhead AZ

Fr. Mark Hodges is a mission priest with a wife, 8 grown children, and a heart for growing the Kingdom of God. Originally from a Baptist background, Fr. Mark is currently the first fulltime priest for the only Orthodox presence within a 2 hour radius in a fast-growing area of northern Arizona. Bullhead City’s St. Brenden the Voyager mission survived and grew for 5 years solely on the efforts of committed lay followers of Christ. With a fulltime priest, the mission is set to really thrive. In this interview, Fr. Mark talks about evangelizing to Protestants, why Orthodoxy is attractive to them, and why we Orthodox must do more to support missions out of love for our neighbors.

For more information about Fr. Mark, see his support page here. Fr Mark is a beneficiary of assistance from Share the Faith, the only Orthodox fund supporting missions in the United States. Please consider donating either to help Fr. Mark, or missions in general. Any amount is appreciated.