Share the Faith Mission Report with Fr Adam from Virginia

Fr. Adam Sexton is a graduate of St. Tikhon’s seminary. He is a husband and father of eleven children. Raised Roman Catholic, Fr. Adam has been an Orthodox Christian for over 22 years. Fr. Adam is currently the rector at St. Andrew’s parish in Ashland, VA. With a heart for missions, Fr. Adam and his wife, with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop Alexander, are working hard to establish an Orthodox mission in Matushka Angie’s hometown of Culpeper, VA, 1.5 hours to the northwest.

In this video interview with STF Chairman Lee Kopulos, Fr. Adam provides some surprising information. For his parish in Ashland, VA giving and attendance were both up substantially during the Pandemic. Fr. Adam has heard similar reports from brother clergy – more people than ever are finding their way to Orthodoxy. Glory to God for that! On the financial front, Fr. Adam explains how even modest support from Share the Faith gives him more time with his family, and less time working secular jobs to make ends meet. To find out more about Fr. Adam and his missionary work, watch the video below and visit his informational page here.


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