His Eminence Paul, Archbishop of Chicago and the Midwest (OCA)

To all Clergy, Monastics, and Lay People of the Orthodox Churches in North America

The purposes of my letter to express my heartfelt endorsement of the Share the Faith Ministry (STF) founded by Fr. Evangelos Pepps. The Share the Faith Ministries Orthodox Missionary Priest Fund is dedicated to raising funds to supplement Orthodox clergy who serve very small or needy missions.

Basically, STF seeks to provide financial assistance to New Mission Priests in North America as they work day-to-day to develop the membership and income level of the mission.

  • This may take the form of small stipends for personal and or family assistance such as healthcare expense, car expense, a rent or house payment, and education of children.
  • Or, due to today’s pandemic support the cost of communication thru zoom meetings. This is important in keeping the community together for Bible studies and the catechumenate.
  • Or, support outreach in the community that can take the form of such things as funding costs for advertising mission events, or feeding our OCF college and university students at monthly meetings.
  • Providing this kind of assistance gives the new mission priest personal encouragement. It is another resource that can help a mission priest in developing the church growth and evangelical ministry of the mission.

STF has hopes over time to help mission priests pay for fees and other costs for:

  • Clinical pastoral education for Hospital Chaplaincy;
  • Advanced Degrees in pastoral counseling and/or
  • Prison ministry programs

Share the Faith has assembled a team of people currently seeking to secure gifts from Orthodox Christians throughout North America to fund the above endeavors and more. Do be generous in making your offerings when contacted. You can also donate online at sharethefaith.net Thank you so much for your support for this worthy endeavor.

The blessings of the Lord be upon you.

With love in Christ,





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Share the Faith is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Active since 2014, Share the Faith is under the direction of Fr. Evangelos Pepps of the OCA Diocese of the Midwest. Share the Faith has been endorsed by multiple Orthodox bishops to pursue its mission of support for needy priests and their families.