Share the Faith Interviews Michael Mason of – Filter according to Christian Values

All Internet filtering services target porn, but they do not block harmful LGBTQ+ sites that groom our children into perverse lifestyles. Only, a free service provided by Orthodox Christian and Web Entrepreneur Michael Mason, offers complete protection for your family according to traditional Christian values.

As an added bonus, if you use this link: Michael will donate a portion of any upgraded services you purchase to Share the Faith to support Orthodox Christian missions in the United States! The basic service is free, and you are welcome to configure it on your own. However, should you need assistance, paid, remote set-up is available at a rate you can afford. The free service covers your home WiFi, but there is also a premium plan that will even cover your mobile devices everywhere they are used!

For more information, use our sponsor link to visit the FreeFiltering Website. Share the Faith was also fortunate enough to interview Michael about both his filtering service, and his journey to Orthodoxy. Michael discovered the Orthodox Faith at Liberty University. He became interested in Orthodoxy through studying Church history at the largest Protestant University in the world. It is a great interview, be sure to check it out.


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